Thursday, April 2, 2009

DW 4- Updated - 3D sketch 01

I started doing sketches in Zbrush. So far this is my 1st sketch result.
It's combination between 4 & 6 from my 2d sketches. XD
Will keep post soon....


meng guan said...

Did you do any sketches or design for this? because seem quite different to your previuos sketch.
But anyway,this thing also seem quite cool. Take care of the silouhoute, the head and the arm part can be more stand out.

carsonyim said...

ditto on that, be careful of making it a blob silhouette. It looks really lazy from the thumbnail currently, maybe you can pack some surprises into it. 8D

Hoyi said...

yo..thanks dudess~!
Well..really lazy to more pencil sketches >.<

Ofcoz when came to 3d mind keep changing the silhouette also XD