Saturday, March 21, 2009

Demon Lord - Sketches 01

DW IV- Stage01- Sketches
Rare thing ever for me.= ='' Finally mr.hoyi have to sketch & design character.
Sorry, I known it sxxx. I wish I can get more design for my Demon Lord soon. = =''
I still havent decided which are my chosen.So, pls help..thanks. >.<
Welcome to leave msg here or my cgtalk thread here .


Lai Meng Guan said...

Eh, WAR design here, man!!
I wish I can see more on number 4.
And I think the arm should be much more wider and bigger and longer, his leg maybe can be much more longer, now look quite short.
I like how you attach the sharp to his arm in number 1, that's quite cool thou.
More design man, seldom see you design, hehe!!
Nice 1, lan si liao la!

boonchee said...

HOyi heheeh mmmm i like no.2 and 4 cause they looks like brothers haha
so for me if u use no.4 head(horns) attach to no.2 ya thats my opinion lah hehe and ar i baru join DW4 and post my sketches at the blog u go leave comment and cheack it out haha 拜托,拜托 。

Anonymous said...

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