Thursday, August 20, 2009

Art Ventura

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Yo, this is my latest 3D illustration, Art Ventura. This was my entry for the CGSociety "Secret Agent" Challenge. And I proudly get CGChoiceAward from cgsociety too.> <

Fireantz Studios is having a composition crisis. And who else better to call than ART Ventura the CG Detective. Art Ventura is a carricature of Ace Ventura and has solved numerous mysterious CG cases. And now before you he and his pet monkey poses a smile in order to complete the mission.
Mission Complete Agent Ventura, you may return to your canvas now...
Art Ventura's tag: To draw and create...Your arts."

Special thanks to my lovely gf ,WyeEe. She support me all the time & even my meals when I was working on it. And she also help me to translate this story into right words. I love you. <3

Making of Art Ventura
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