Sunday, April 27, 2008

Get 3DTotal Excellence Award

Yo...I had posted the "music" to cgtalk, it's art & 3D total. Fortunaly, get somes feed back from it's art & 3D total. " It's Art" was invite me create the making of "music" & free me a premium user for that site it. ( actually i dunno wat is tat.) 3D total was allowed my artwork at their gallery, invitation making of "music" & give me a "3DTotal Excellence Award" & . Thanks 3D total~! Here

Monday, April 14, 2008

"music" at Singapore !

Yo.Here i need to thanks my MUM(SooWynnie),she tell me my artwork show on Singapore everywhere regard from his's bro tell her.=.="
Well...thanks lenglui ama, Ultraman yonghao, my daughter phanie....etc. Arigatou Gozaimasu~~
Thanks for the photos u guys take at Singapore. I really appeciate that. T.T

Here is the Original "music". I did everything except the cigarettes.The cigarettes was photo matte & add by Singapore Illustration house.

Enjoy ya~

WIN the Dubai Lynx 2008

Hi...Long time didnt update my art blog.Here is some latest news.
I'm so lucky that 3pics of my artwork get Award at Dubai Lynx 2008 at Print Winner categories.
Those works are work for MirageWorks. Client is EA GAMES B. D. GROUP.

So..the client requirement is "The Head Don't too Realistic". Coz the concept beside this artwork is something like Gaming. =.="

Print Grand Prix : BACK HOME

Print Gold Winners : GOOD BYE & PROUD MOTHER