Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sketch - Portrait Study

(click to enlarge) Yo..gonna said sorry 1st, coz it my-self portrait .XD
Usage for figure studying, i sculpt it by looking my-self with mirror.
Well , my own feel that it not really look like me, but my Father.
I luv u, Dad.
If u known me or doesn't know me, leave your comments, let me know ya. XD


Jamien Lee said...

cool man! ur look in ur sculpting looks a little fierce...LOL. Is this base from scratch? U started from a mesh or zphere? keep up the good work man.

Hoyi said...

Wuahhaha....look fierce rite, i think is coz i keep concentrate looking myself in mirror~!
I start with ZB's preset demo head. Thanks dude~!

ice said...

nose is your nose...i think the problem doesn't look alike is cause the face too big la...XD

Ben Lam said...

hahahah, don't really looks like you, mayb can try add glasses see will better or not

Hoyi said...

Miss Ice,
Coz ur lougongzai fat liao ma. hahaha XD
Anyway, i do trust ur comments.

Lazy model ar... =P.

Anonymous said...

Yo bro, I am Leng Zhai Fei. When I first look at it, it's YOU!!! Deng... quite alike wo, maybe your eyes a bit bigger then the model.Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...