Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sketches-Creature Design




Yo, I had long time didnt design own characters. Feel free, sketch some design in my favo tools, Zbrush. All design is quite fast, not much detail but design focus on shape, around 1/2 ~1 hr each. Sculpting with Empty mind n without reference.

My conclusion is, I found all my own design look childish~! XD
Maybe next time I can do 3d children illustration. Hahaha.... I luv it~!
Any good investor introduce ?

Will updated new design when i was free for sketch~! thanks for watching.


Jamien Lee said...

Nice 3D sculptures~ waiting to see more nice artwork from u...add oil together la~ cheers!

Hoyi said...

Thanks dude~!
Sure, i waiting to see more from u too..add oil add oil~!

ashe said...

i like the name with 'yi' on it..very original...hehe

Anonymous said...

*Btw, never think dat u r childish coz u r you, the one who can create cute staff too. and, not everybody can do it like u. :) keep it up, man!

Anonymous said...

U works are Cute & nice~ :) wish to c more frm ya~ Gambatte!!! HoeYi~ :D

Hanns said...

Hey, very nice stuff! The fat bug is my favourite ^__^

Anonymous said...

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