Monday, June 23, 2008


A piece of 3D render test for MirageWorks. The model was bought by them.
My jobs was export .obj drag into 3d app , apply textures, lighting then render. ENjoys~!



RanDize said...

Wow, would you mind sharing us the lighting setup in this scene? And how long it took to render?

Thank you sir.

Hoyi said...

Just two area lights from left right. It a 3 point lighting setup. Enjoy~!

Hoyi said... about 4~5minit render time in 3dsmax vray.

RanDize said...

Very nice! Thanks for the sharing. m(_ _)m

reannqin said... u familiar with this nick =P
here I am =)
Har... teach me photoshop =(

Hoyi said...

haha..i Qin.
I m 3d artist, Photoshop skill not good enuf ler, how to teach u?
haha...but sharing is welcome to u.

pU tI peeK~

reannqin said...

haha...seldom people on net called me qin, except my real life friend.
erm, inform u that i added ur msn,
but i don't think that email is ur msn = =" haha
but i think ur photoshop is better than mine =P

and ya
what's the meaning of
pu ti peek? O.o

Hoyi said...

Ops ...sorry call u like tat ,Qin... i wont call u like tat again, Qin. XD
"pu ti peek "..haha...u try to type it invertly~!

Bunny said...

Nice work~ :D *btw, i love dragon~ ha.