Monday, June 30, 2008

3D World Magazine & 3D Creative Magazine

Today is my lucky day~! Bcoz at the same time 3D World Magazine & 3D CreativeMag info me that my artworks will print at their magazines.

1st - 3D World Magazine
"Roundeye Dragon" print into 3D World magazine 107 issue. I really feel honoured on that. T.T
You can view the page here.

So, Anyone saw that magazine on market or bookshop pls let me know.It should be sell at next month 107 September issue.
Thanks you domo arigatou dan terima kasih ~!

2nd - 3D CreativeMag
I tot my Gzhopper-Man won't achieve anything. Now it really suprised me it print at 3DCreativeMag JULY 08 issue~! But the problem is I m not a Creative people! Anyway thanks 3DCreativemag T.T
View the page


eric foo said...

Congrat! very impressive work indeed! ;)

RanDize said...

Geng laa.. I support you! Congrats!

Hoyi said...

Thanks Eric...glad hear ur greeting here.

Randize, thanks for support.
Last saturday u got come in the Ubisoft 's talk ?
Coz i feel regret tat day i should help someone who r not allowed go in.

RanDize said...

T.T You are sooooo nice. Yea, I begged to enter, but cannot. Nvm nvm, I appreciate your intention, thanks thanks.

Darren Lim :: 上煌 said...

"So, Anyone saw that magazine on market or bookshop pls let me know ASAP. I wan to buy & support it~!"

Should be we buy the magazine to support you instead, haha.

Hoyi said... darren~!
hahaha... no need la...just help me buy or tell me when u saw it ~ XD
Thanks .

Darren Lim :: 上煌 said...

yes it's me~!i would buy one supporting you, haha

Ben Lam said...

I saw it, at Borders here! will buy 1 n ask for your autograph`hahah