Monday, February 18, 2008

making of " MUSIC "

1. i Import the obj model into max. Place it as what you want.

2. Here is the most important part,which is lighting. As what i want, i place 2 vraylight on left right. ( tip: It's a good lighting for those product rendering with two area light on your product)

3. This is the rendering result. Not bad, but the focus point still not enough on that MUSIC logo.

4. I use photoshop to create the focus point. Color correction & dirty map apply on it too. Enjoy~

Any comments & question are welcome.


Hammy said...

Is this for client or personal work? Who did the modeling? :P I think the materials all being the same can still be confusing. Don't lazy ya... Wahahaha!

Hammy said...

Oh, also otherwise the work looks seriously good!! :D It reminds me of the music box kind of setup. Geng liao lar lansi.

Steve said...

hie hoeyi... tek here!!! impressive work as always!!! i salute haha.. really nice intricate details you have there on your models! hehe looks like gonna be tough to catch up with your talents!!! way to go!! will look forward to see even better works from you!!! =)

anyway, can show us ur dirt map? i'm curious! cheerios!

Hoyi said...

Thanks for reply.

hammy, yup. This is did for client. Modeling most of it from download, old scene files..etc. And this not the final. Final was different shader & material.

steve, There is new tutorial top of there. Wish u all like it. :)

locked said...

haha.... dunno wat's tat... just impressive...haha

ilterocktive said...

This is an awesome work!
As a musician, I would LOVE to have a logo like that!!!
Congratulations! It looks stunning!