Tuesday, February 19, 2008

making of "Dirty Map" In Photoshop

CLICK to ENLARGE the picture.
1. Choose some
dirty map that you wish. Here is some of dmap i used in MUSIC .

2. Just
drag the dmap on top your art work photoshop. Adjust the placement.

3. Final. In my case,I JUst tweak the
Blending mode to Color-Dodge in the dmap layer. So, normally i ll tweak different blending mode to test on it.

This dmap effect tutorial is good used on Illustration or still image only. -.-lll


Hammy said...

So chunted liao. Wahhhh..

Can you maybe try some that is not for 3D illustration some time? Like abstract kind of stuff? Motion Graphic I guess...

Hoyi said...

T.T...no time do abstract art wo~~

calyx said...

*bow to the sophistication you pulled off :3 Will there be a series to this?

Hoyi said...

wow...Calyx. Glad to see u here. This a very rush job.I don't think got a series after this. :P
Calyx...u got msn or not ?

Elita said...

Interesting to know.