Sunday, August 22, 2010


Wow, No updated my artblog been so long long time. LOL
Anyway, here is my latest hard-surface sketch practice in Zbrush4.
Well, its pretty challenge for me as newbie for sculpting hardsurface in ZB,
cause mostly I did in 3D app. So...need more practice pratice...^ ^

Basic workflow: started by zsphere to zsketch. Once get some idea from the shape,
then make it into mesh and sculpt it.
Brushes used was Standard, Clay, Pinch & hpolish. Enjoyed~!


Hammy said...

Yay! Hoeyi art!!! ^^ Long time no see you post!!

Did you design that too?? Hard surface isn't my best as well, but I think I should start practicing them and consult Hoi Mun.. sometime.

Hoyi said...

Dear hammy, :p

This consider my design. XD Well, Its started with no design in mind. So while in zsketch mode,I've keep trying like "move, pull, push" the shape until get some idea from it..XD
Then sculpt the details..^ ^

Rosetta Stone said...

this is sculpting at the finest. I'm startig with blender, so i can only see your work with "user eyes", and i must say wow. congratulations for you perseverance. cheers

Rosetta Stone said...

also, how do you copyright your works? i mean, how do you prevent from someone to steal it, and say it his?

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