Tuesday, October 13, 2009

CGSociety's Challenge XXIV "Secret Agent", Best Modeling Award

First, I gonna congrats to all the winner artists in this great challenge.
You guys really did a good job, deserved what you earn from it.
I really enjoyed and feel glad about what I was working on it.
BIG thanks to CGsociety too that gave the "Best Modeling Award " for my Art Ventura!!
thanks Vanja for the banner too. ^^


Jamien Lee said...

Congratz dude!~

NJA3D said...

hey man congratulations!!!
sorry for the late reply, i really loved your entry during the challenge!!! :)

i'll send you new banner with the font gon and me are using, so we are all the same :):):)

2drod3d said...

Congrats!You really deserve it ,your entry was my favorite ...i really enjoy to follow your progress on that piece!

Ben Lam said...

hey hey Congratulations~!
Really like ur design & idea~
Keep it up with good work man!

Tecsun Yeep said...

hey man, congratz!

Hoyi said...

Jamien,thanks man! Add oil.
NJA3D, yo I've get the banner..its look nice and thanks again.
2drod3d, wow..glad to heard that from you~!^ ^
Ben, I'll keep it n try my best..> < thanks
Tecsun, yoyo..arigatou man~!