Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Art Gallery & My CGPortfolio

Website's address Updated. It no longer But now is
Welcome to Visit My 3D Art Gallery.Thanks ^ ^

Gonna thanks CGtalk featured my portfolio.>.<
Here is the cgsociety's portfolio link
You can view more great artists there.


RanDize said...

fuiyoh... :D you deserve it.

Hoyi said...

XDXDXD...thanks..Add oil too, Randy~!

Willie said...

Hi Hoyi,
My names' Willie am an artist too.I happened to check out your site.Personally I think it's really cool.
You can check me at Feel free to comment.Thanks.

Willie Wambugu

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone! Who knows where to upload the film Avatar?
I even bought the film Avatar for a SMS to , the link was, but download fails, the system will boot quite strange cocoa something.
Men, advise where to normal as quickly download film avatar?