Sunday, January 11, 2009

PassionRepublic's Game Production - Arx Avari

Arx Avari is PassionRepublic's latest in-house project. Aiming to tackle all upcoming projects with confidence and efficiency, they've designed this action sequence to further improve ourselves on production pipeline for game cinematic.

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RanDize said...

Thanks for the share again Mr. hoyi. If you join them as lighting TD, the animation would look even more awesome. :D but yea, I wouldn't want you to leave yet. :P

In this making, any improvement in their pipeline hoyi? I'd love to see their workflow.

boochee said...

waaaa dunno wat to say JIENG~!

Hoyi said...

Randy,haha..mayb not.Coz my lighting skill too commercials...XD
Ab the pipeline, i can't tell u exactly how they made it. U mayb go thru their blog n website for more info...go research ab them ya..XD

boochee, ya...yeng ler~!

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