Monday, April 14, 2008

"music" at Singapore !

Yo.Here i need to thanks my MUM(SooWynnie),she tell me my artwork show on Singapore everywhere regard from his's bro tell her.=.="
Well...thanks lenglui ama, Ultraman yonghao, my daughter phanie....etc. Arigatou Gozaimasu~~
Thanks for the photos u guys take at Singapore. I really appeciate that. T.T

Here is the Original "music". I did everything except the cigarettes.The cigarettes was photo matte & add by Singapore Illustration house.

Enjoy ya~


soowynnie said...


Hoyi said...

Hahaha....welcome la ahMa. Your ahzhai so so only la...where got so 風生水起。 But 養阿媽 is tin gong tei dou also la. XD

小瀛洲 said...

i saw tis too!~is COOL!

Hoyi said...

Thanks ...小瀛洲. Welcome here...Ur blog was bookmarked ! XD

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